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Genesis Behavior Center, Inc. provides behavioral intervention and treatment in different forms depending upon each child’s and family’s needs.  Behavioral intervention and treatment are performed by professional behavioral therapists in one-on-one sessions with your child using the research-based methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Funding for these programs is most often provided by health insurance, local school districts, SELPAs, and/or regional centers.

Check with your provider and plan for specific coverage and benefits eligibility. Genesis is currently accepting most insurance plans. For any insurance questions, please call 877-828-8476 and we will happy to help you with your insurance questions.

What can we do for you

Early Intensive Behavior Treatment Programs

These programs are modeled after the groundbreaking autism treatment programs conducted by Lovaas. They are geared to help children “catch up” with their typically developing peers, and have the goal of integration with peers in general education classrooms.

Consultation Programs

A Behavior Consultant works directly with the parent/caregiver to provide intervention, and as a result, no 1:1 Behavior Therapist is involved. Consultation programs may be transitioned to from a prior program placement, or may be in addition to a current school placement.

Early Start Programs

These programs are for very young children (under 3 years old) who may not yet be eligible for a more intense program such as the EIBT, or for whom the treatment team does not feel a more intense program would be beneficial.

Behavioral Pediatrics Program

Designed for children of various diagnoses, this program focuses on addressing behavioral and other concerns impeding a child’s appropriate functioning within their home and/or school living. These programs are often funded by medical insurance companies, school districts or private pay as they are considered a supplementary health and well-being service.

Environmental Assessment For Schools

Behavior is determined not only by immediate antecedents and consequences, but also by structural and social interactional contexts in which behaviors occur. Based on the tenets of Positive Behavior Support and Applied Behavior Analysis, the Environmental Assessment For Schools pinpoints certain contextual variables that can influence behavior of students and school staff both positively and negatively.

Functional Teaching Programs

These programs are conducted after transition from an Early Start or EIBT Program, or may be conducted in addition to a current school placement.


Education services, namely, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade classroom instruction, vocational instruction, mentoring, tutoring, classes, seminars and workshops for individuals with autism; providing classes, seminars, workshops, and training for parents, instructors, and other individuals in the field of education for individuals with autism and other developmental disorders and curricula in connection therewith; providing a website featuring non-downloadable videos for education and treatment of individuals with autism.    

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