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Why ABA reinforcement at home makes a huge difference

Genesis ABA Therapy Reinforcement at home

As a parent, you have the power to encourage your child’s growth … so why not use it for good? Why not decide to engage in “a small daily task” to support your child’s development? Well, one reason why you might not choose to undertake an at-home ABA program is because you’re not convinced that it can effect change.

Practice at home keeps new material current and prior learning fresh.

Engaging in ABA sessions at home helps to ensure that your child doesn’t lose ground or forget lessons learned. Regular practice is essential for skill-set maintenance. After all, we don’t use every life skill we know every single day. Seasons change, routines shift, and once-familiar tasks fall by the wayside

Practice facilitates the creation of new brain pathways.

ABA is a kind of neurological exercise program. When your child repeats exercises and receives rewards for a given set of behaviors, the result is the creation of new neural pathways. This is especially important for children with autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts brain function.

ABA practice gives you an opportunity to take data and shape a positive behavior support plan.

Practicing ABA lessons at home gives you a valuable opportunity to collect both skill and behavioral data. When you share that data with your child’s therapist, you aid in the creation of future lessons and behavioral support plans too.

ABA reinforcement can help you to be the best parent (and spouse, employer, and friend!) that you can be. Continuing ABA work at home doesn’t just benefit your child. It can impact your whole family, giving everyone the tools they need to succeed.