Introducing FirstPath Autism

Firstpath autism
 What is FirstPath Autism?

FirstPath Autism provides access to online video lessons with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)-trained professionals.

FirstPath was created with the idea in mind that ABA techniques should be shared with all parents and professionals. FirstPath Autism’s program is based on the treatment approach that resulted in high success rates achieved by Genesis Behavior Center. The videos can be used in conjunction with other skills training and behavioral programs.

What does FirstPath offer

FirstPath currently hosts more than 90 video lessons, covering both skills and behaviors. Each video lesson comes with a downloadable step-by-step document that gives instructions on how to perform the behavioral therapy, what materials will be needed, what prerequisites should be met, how to respond to different answers or scenarios, and much more.

Also included are terminology glossaries, data sheets, target mastery sheets, video testimonials, and a FirstPath Autism blog full of helpful tips, success stories, and fun activities for families of people with autism.

FirstPath can be accessed with the following link:

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