Autism and Food-Related Issues: Help for Picky Eaters

Some families may take peaceful, stress-free meals together for granted, but we’re guessing that yours isn’t one of them. If your child has autism, then it’s likely you’ve dealt with drama surrounding food and mealtimes. We understand how challenging it can be to accommodate your child’s food preferences while still providing a balanced, nutritious diet. To help your favorite picky eater expand his or her horizons, we suggest the following steps:

First, investigate possible medical issues.

Since a significant percentage of individuals with autism have food intolerances and allergies, they can feel physically ill when they eat certain foods. Yet since autism also involves communication difficulties, these individuals may not give voice to their felt experiences.

As such, completing medical check-ups and relevant tests is important. If your child is a very picky eater, make an appointment to get him or her tested for gastrointestinal issues or common allergies.

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Introducing FirstPath Autism

 What is FirstPath Autism?

FirstPath Autism provides access to online video lessons with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)-trained professionals.

FirstPath was created with the idea in mind that ABA techniques should be shared with all parents and professionals. FirstPath Autism’s program is based on the treatment approach that resulted in high success rates achieved by Genesis Behavior Center. The videos can be used in conjunction with other skills training and behavioral programs.

What does FirstPath offer

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Fragile Learner Model

A child can be considered fragile when there are certain events that are causing or contributing to that child feeling extraordinarily stressed, in turn leading to the child experiencing difficulty effectively managing his/her day (sometimes referred to as “Setting Events”; for the purpose of this model, these events will be labeled “Context Events”). Context Events can have happened further back in time but continue to affect the present and/or can be situations that children “bring with” them.

Positive Context Events can set the stage for success. Adverse Context Events can negatively affect a child’s ability to cope with educational programming, social relationships and behavioral management. Read more

September Newsletter

This has been a fantastic month for both Genesis Behavior Center and FirstPath Autism. We’ve restructured much of our internet presence and reached new heights with the projects we’ve previously established.

Our company and projects are made strong by the hard work of our staff as well as the cooperation and dedication of caretakers and parents.

This month you will read about our Tuesday Tips that have taken Facebook by storm, the Steps to Social Success Videos that make visual task analysis fun for parents and children alike, and look at some arts and crafts projects for the coming holiday season.