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ABC’s of ABA

Do you know the ABCs of ABA? The core principle of ABA is that an individual’s behavior is … Lawful (Guided by principles) Observable (We can see it) Measurable (We can count it) A is for Antecedent The term “antecedent” refers to what came before the behavior in question. What was happening before your child […]

September Newsletter

This has been a fantastic month for both Genesis Behavior Center and FirstPath Autism. We’ve restructured much of our internet presence and reached new heights with the projects we’ve previously established. Our company and projects are made strong by the hard work of our staff as well as the cooperation and dedication of caretakers and […]

August Newsletter – Genesis Behavior Center & FirstPath Autism

This is the beginning of a new chapter in communication for Genesis Behavior Center Inc. and FirstPath Autism: the new company newsletter! Intended for both the ABA professionals and caregivers, this newsletter will keep you up to date with recent autism and education related news, new ventures of Genesis Behavior Center Inc., and tips for teaching people with autism. Within these newsletters […]

How autism and sensory processing disorder are linked

“Do you think sensory issues are at the root of what makes autistic people different?”   That’s the powerful question that Maia Szalavitz of TIME Magazine asked world-renowned professor, author, and self-advocate Temple Grandin in a 2013 interview. Grandin’s reply? “I think the core criterion is the social awkwardness, but the sensory issues are a serious problem […]

How ABA therapy can help prevent another meltdown

Meltdowns are hard on everyone: the child, the parent, and the bystanders. But what if consistent ABA reinforcement could help reduce their frequency and severity? In this post, we’ll share several key reasons why ABA therapy aids in averting meltdowns. ABA promotes emotional regulation Working with an ABA therapist can help your child build vital […]