Introducing FirstPath Autism

 What is FirstPath Autism?

FirstPath Autism provides access to online video lessons with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)-trained professionals.

FirstPath was created with the idea in mind that ABA techniques should be shared with all parents and professionals. FirstPath Autism’s program is based on the treatment approach that resulted in high success rates achieved by Genesis Behavior Center. The videos can be used in conjunction with other skills training and behavioral programs.

What does FirstPath offer

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FirstPath Autism Launching Now!

FirstPath Autism Launching Now, Delivers “Lifeline” to Parents/Professionals with Affordable Access to Proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)-Based Treatments

Online access to an extensive video lesson library. Live, unlimited phone support from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professionals.

FirstPath Autism’s self-guided videos include progressive, comprehensive training lessons that are accessible anywhere – from home, school or the office via desktop or laptop, tablet or mobile devices. The ABA-based training helps improve functional communication, self-help, social and pre-academic skills, and much more. The video lessons teach therapy strategies and techniques that can be implemented alongside professional treatment, or as stand-alone options if it is the only resource available to parents and care providers. FirstPath Autism’s video lessons also serve as an ideal training model for anyone who works with a child with autism.

FirstPath Autism video lessons include:
Behavior management

  •     Tantrums/Meltdowns
  •     Self-stimulatory behavior
  •      Self-injurious
  •      Non-compliance
  •      Bolting
  •      Aggression

Learning skills

  •     Learning readiness
  •     Imitation skills
  •     Labeling skills
  •     Advanced labeling skills
  •     Visual performance skills
  •     Reading skills
  •     Pre-math skills

Social skills

  •     Conversation training
  •     Advanced conversation training
  •     Theory of mind

Life skills

  •     Self-help skills
  •     Community safety

Play skills

FirstPath Autism Phone Support Service:
The FirstPath Autism support service, can be thought of as an “Autism-lifeline,” providing a broad range of help from ABA professionals which includes live, unlimited phone support (9am – 5pm PST) for individualized solutions and problem solving. FirstPath Autism brings vital and easily accessible help to parents immediately following an autism diagnosis, when navigating treatment options can be daunting and confusing. The phone support can be a backbone for parents as questions arise throughout the treatment process, or when families, teachers or therapists are challenged with highly stressful social behaviors.